Wow. We had an incredible adventure – faced with cold, wind, snow and slush. We set off from San Remo and headed north. The first three kilometres or so were fine, and then the snow started. The further north we rode the heavier the snow became. When we entered the park path system the route was completely covered in snow. Another 500 metres or so and it became unsafe to ride, and barely passable on foot!

We had to change the route and took Albion over to Martin Grove instead of the path. This was by far the safer route but not nearly as much fun.

At the winery we enjoyed a couple of sample glasses of wine while we dried out and warmed up. The ride from Milan back to San Remo was just as treacherous, and more slushy than the outbound leg.

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And check this video from the Team Sky car at todays official Milan – San Remo bike race. It’s hard to tell who’s got it worse – the pros or us?!?!