The Etobicoke Cycling Club (ECC) requires all club members, and visiting riders from other OCA-affiliated clubs, to adhere to the following rules during all club events:

  1. All riders must wear a CSA approved cycling helmet.
  2. Proof of membership is required at all rides. Members may be required to present their membership ID to the ride leader at the start of each ride.
  3. All riders must abide by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. This includes stopping at all stop signs and traffic lights.
  4. If an accident occurs the details must be documented, including photos as appropriate, and submitted to the appropriate authorities. A copy must also be forwarded to club management and the OCA.
  5. At the time of the accident if any club member believes that the injuries or damages require the attention of paramedics or police, they are required to call 911.
  6. Anyone participating in a club activity must be a member of the Ontario Cycling Association. This can be through their ECC membership, a race license or another club membership.
  7. Individual riders are responsible for ensuring that:
    • they are sufficiently fit for the activity.
    • their bicycle is in proper working order.
    • they have the necessary repair tools and equipment to fix the most common riding issue including flats, loose screws, chain breaks.
    • they bring an adequate supply of water and food for the activity.
  8. If a ride begins or ends within 30 minutes of sunrise or sunset all riders are required to have functioning front white and rear red lights on their bicycles.
  9. All rides are done at your own risk, and only participate if you feel safe. In cases of inclement weather, a ride is automatically canceled if there is lightning. If in the opinion of the club Board members, or the ride leaders, a ride can be canceled. Ride cancelation emails will be sent as early as possible but it could be right at ride time – please check your emails to be sure the ride is happening.
  10. Groups of 12 riders or more must split into groups of 11 or fewer, ideally with a similar number of riders per group (ie. If 15 riders show up split into two groups – 8 and 7 per group).
  11. Each ride group must have a leader. The Ride Leader is in charge of all things relating to the ride – including deciding the route and if the ride is canceled. If there are any incidents on the ride it is the responsibility of the Ride Leader to document the issue, complete the appropriate forms, and convey this information to the Club Management and OCA as required.