Every Thursday at 10 am through the season we send a weekly email with various ride details, but the schedule below is fairly consistent week-to-week however for the most up-to-date details check Spond.

Ride Routes
Each rider is responsible for knowing the route. Regardless of whether they are the leader or not. It’s for your own safety and the safety of the group. Every route is linked in the email to a page where you can see the route, download the cue sheet, or download the .tcx or .gpx file for your bike computer. ECC member Armando wrote out these simple instructions for getting routes from Strava to your Garmin. Thanks, Armando.

6:00 am Kingsway and Twyford: Let’s Go To The Mall With Robin Sparkles. (42 km.)
6:00 pm – Tips and Clips

6:00 am Kingsway and Twyford: Explorer (37+ km.)
6:00 pm – ECC New Riders Ride with Steve & Fred (route varies week to week)
5:30/6:00 pm – Breakaway / Peloton / Espresso

6:00 Kingsway and Twyford: Ford (60 km.)
Mornings – “Gravel” Tempo – Out of town gravel ride
6:00 pm – Tempo

6:00 am – ECC Morning Ride
5:30/6:00 pm – Breakaway / Peloton / Espresso

5:40 Lake Crescent & Royal York, 6:00 Kingsway & Twyford: Fritter Friday

8:00 am – DPH + Espresso and Macchiato. Tempo / Peloton / Breakaway. Usually heads to Oakville. Faster riders option to extend the route.
9:00 am – Coffee Ride

9:00 am – Tempo/Peloton Get Outta Town Ride
9:00 am – Coffee Ride

We’ll schedule the rides each week based on the weather and road conditions.

Throughout the season we will have special events that will pre-empt the club rides and these events will be communicated to members through the weekly email. Times noted are the departure times, arrive at least 5 minutes early and be ready to leave on time.

In order to participate in club rides, you must be a member of the club. Be sure to complete your registration before your first ride by visiting etobicokecycling.com/join. Ride leaders may request identification or proof of membership. Be prepared! Our club status with the OCA and our insurance depends on all riders being members.