Morning Routes

A Morning Flight. 50 km. Sometimes you just want to fly. And when that feeling hits, this is the route for you.

Berlin’s Greatest Hit. 41 km. Never hesitating to become the fated ones, turning and returning to some secret place to hide. I’m already suffering.

Courtney Is Calling Me. 46 km. When I was younger I loved her, now she taunts me. But riding in a double paceline through the airport at dawn makes me happy again.

Explorer 37.6 km. Group riding skills, a couple of Hammerfest stretches on the Explorer Loop. Otherwise quite social.

Finch. 41 km. A grind on the way out. Super fast and fun on the way back. Good times all around.

Fritter Friday 54km. This is a social ride ridden fast, finishing at Sanremo Bakery for fritters. Above all else, this is meant to be a social ride. Please allow until 7:50 am for our return back to Sanremo. Add to that your time for coffee and fritters, and then a ride home. We don’t want anyone to get into trouble for being late, and we don’t need to take any risks riding fast on the route.

Fritter Friday Farther 65 km. Just as social, and ridden, perhaps, a little faster than the standard route, but still just as awesome. The same rules apply to this one as the regular route.

Fritter Friday Shorter 36 km. A little shorter with the same amount of awesomsauce. And for an added bonus you pass by the one-time home of Colonel Sanders. The same rules apply to this one as the regular route.

The Gambler 48 km. And when he finished speakin’, he turned back toward the window, crushed out his cigarette, and faded off to sleep. And somewhere in the darkness the gambler he broke even. But in his final words I found an ace that I could keep.

Lap O’ The Course 35 km. Easy on the way out, a rip around the golf course, and then easy on the way home.

Lawrence Sheffield. 34 km. A speedy stretch. A flowy downhill, and a couple of grunt-worthy climbs. Yup!

Let’s Go To The Mall With Robin Sparkles. 42 km. Am I the only one who loves Robin Sparkles? Does anyone else even know who she is? Either way, it’s a fun ride, lots of high-speed pacelines, and solid group riding opportunities.

Like Lambs To The Slaughter. 42 km. It’s not nearly as dangerous as the name sounds, but it could make you suffer. At least, that’s the point!

Lorne Park. 45 km. Quite flat, quite fast. All fun.

Nashua. 45 km. Nothing to do with New Hampshire. Some longer stretches of paceline riding will make this route fun.

Netherhart. 42 km. Rolling through the airport at 6:30 am is a great feeling. Doing it in a paceline, cruising at speed is even better. And that’s what this route is all about.

The Ol’ Haig. 40 km. “And then, of course, there’s a couple that claims to be, but I haven’t done any DNA tests or anything.” Let’s ponder that while we ride. This route should provide lots of opportunities for speedy stretches and fast pacelines. Use the draft folks!

Parks N Rec. 31.1 km. It’s all about experiencing what we’ve got right here in Etobicoke! Bring your lights and a sense of adventure. Woo!

A River Runs Through It. 37.6 km. From Lake, up to K&T, over to the Humber, and then down the park path. Throw in a cobbled climb and a hard and fast lap on the west side, before floating the rest of the way down to the lake. Nice! With an easy cut-off at Old Mill for those constrained by time.

A 60 Ford. 60 km. Cars were stylish in the 60s. And this route has more stylish lines and curves than a Fairlane.

Slaughterhouse 32.9 km. Up and down, hard and fast. And sometimes it smells.

Slaughterhouse 2.0 39.4 km. It’s Slaughterhouse 2.0. All the parts you loved from the original but now with added suffering!

Things Are Looking Up. 44 km. It’s up and then it’s down. With a park in the middle. And more climbing than Slaughterhouse!

Woodbine Races. 44 km. We know that Camptown Race is 5 miles long and that you can win a pocket full of tin, but what about Woodbine? Let’s find out!

Weekend ride options:
START: Sanremo
SR Route: Heart Starter. A 30 km rip to get you jacked up for the main ride. Got to do it in an hour or you’ll miss the main ride!

SR Route: What’s Innis Lake? 106 km. Year-after-year this question dogs us. And I for one, have not grown tired of it. Yet. But if you are tired of it, you can go Doin’ A Healey for 82 km. Or if you really don’t care about the answer to the question you can just go directly to Woodbridge for 65 km.

SR Route: OITNB 103 km. It’s sort of like a longer Streetsville. But in addition to being longer, it’s more awesome. And if you want a shorter option, try this 89 km route that will take you out with the longer group, and then rejoin the longer route for a coffee stop in Streetsville. (Or go even shorter with this 60 km option.)

SR Route: Castledergs & Kleinburgs. 105 km. What goes up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney up? I have no idea why these things come to me but they do. Just like this route. Enjoy it. Or for a shorter option here’s a 72 km route that goes out with the long route, shortcuts to Kleinburg, and then returns on the same route as the longer one.

SR Route: How Long Is A Piece Of String? 81 km. Much like figuring out what’s Innis Lake, this question dogs us. Thankfully the route is a little easier. Some nice flat stretches, and then a quick return down Martin Grove after a stop for coffee in Woodbridge.

SR Route: Up The River, And Around The Bend. 62 km. It’s like Coffee In Woodbridge but we take a much different way to get there. To warm up we’ll have a café stop in Woodbridge at Nino d’Aversa.

SR Route: Screw It. 152 km. Heck yes! We start small and then get bigger, and then bigger. Hop on for one lap, two laps or all three. This could be CRAZY. (Lap 1 takes roughly 45 minutes, lap 2 should take 1:45, lap 3 will be ~ 2.5 hours). Not including time for coffee stop(s).

SR Route: Koffee In Kleinburg 75 km. A classic route that usually takes twice as long on the way out as it does for the way back. Maybe we can change that this time. And if you’re not up for the full 75 km route, shortcut it at Cottrelle for Coffee in Woodbridge 62 km.

SR Route: What The Heck Is This? 80 km. Nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going. And your heart rate. A steady grind on the way out, and then a speedy return. Coffee options at Woodbridge or Kleinburg. (Or take this shorter route for 60 km. You still get both coffee stop options!)

SR Route: Conveying Goods. 65 km. Another classic that confuses most folks. But that’s all good because this is a fun route. Let’s do it!

SR Route: Without A Wan. 95 km. A route that usually incites folks to ride faster than normal, but if we work together it’s not an issue. We will focus on group riding skills on this one. And see if we can figure out what a Wan is! (Shortcut route for 80 km).

SR Route: Sixth Line Heartache. 99 km. He had his world strapped against his back, holding his hand, he never knew how to act. Is this what Cat Stevens wrote about? Contemplate that question while doing this fun route.

SR Route: Ninth Line Heartbreak. 69 km. A little shorter, and with a different kind of heart pain than Sixth, but still excellent.

START: Humbertown
HT Route: It Feels Like Streetsville. 65 km. It’s a bit of a grind, but worth it. And we’ll throw in a coffee stop in Streetsville.

HT Route: It Feels Like A Long Way To Streetsville. 91 km. Ya know when you’re driving somewhere how the drive to the place always feels longer than the drive home? That’s kinda how this route feels. But there are at least two cafés in Streetsville. And you’re riding your bike so it’s automatically awesome.

HT Route: An Eldorado in Churchville. 80 km. It’s got highs, it’s got lows, and a few crossings of the Credit. When you tally it all up, you’ve got awesome. Shout it from the mountain tops!

HT Route: Paul’s Hammer 75 km. It’s just like Maxwell’s except by Paul. And not the Walrus. An easy roll out and then up to Streetsville. A grunt of a climb on Thomas and then a quick return down towards the lake. Some long stretches where we can work on rotating pacelines along the highway, and then a chill return to the starting point.

HT Route: Built Ford Tough. 70 km. The tagline has been in use for more than 35 years. This route for just four. Either way, they are both pretty solid. Easy and flat on the way out with a bit of a grinding uphill on the way back. (And if you’re feeling tougher, extend the ride to 95 km with this route.)

HT Route: Why Did It Have To Be Snake? 127 km. It’s a big ride, with a challenging climb at the turnaround point. But it’s flat until the climb, and then primarily downhill from the top of the climb home. And it’s all awesome.

Route: It Wasn’t A Snake. 77 km. Out to Oakville, a little dipsy-doodle under the QEW, a grind up Sixth Line and then back east over to Mississauga Road for a final climb before an easy return along the lake.

HT Route: There’s More Than One Way To Streetsville. 60 km. Some familiar roads to be ridden in an unfamiliar way.

HT Route: Fit for a Drumquin. 72 km. No one knows what it means, and no one really enjoys it. Up Mississauga Road? Ugh. But a good workout, and a way to change it up. Enjoy it, it’s where we’re going. And for those looking for a shorter option you can either just go straight up Mississauga Road to Streetsville for 52 km, or take this route for 62 km.

HT Route: Streetsville CW. 53 km. It’s our Fritter Friday route, only on Saturday, and clockwise, but just as much fun. A social pace, set by the group. No drop. If the pace is too high for you, you need to let the ride leader know to slow it down. Target pace is 27 km/h. Coffee stop guaranteed.

HT Route: Rattlesnake Blues. 114 km. There comes a time in the life of a rider where they have to face their fears. And lots of folks fear snakes, particularly Rattlesnakes. But today we conquer those fears. You’ve got this, amigo!

HT Route: Sidenote. 64 km. A variation on some familiar roads, with a stop at a new café. Yup!

Out Of Town Start
Route: Georgetown, Balinnifad, Limehouse 70 km. Lots of up and down on this one – all on awesome country roads.