As compiled by Mark Douglas:
The Friday ride originated as Streetsville Loop in 2015 but we were still riding Explorer Loop on Fridays. Then Dean and one other (I think Brian) coined the term Port Credit Loop when we started riding out along Bristol but it quickly reverted to Streetsville Loop. Back in those days, we were lucky to see 5 riders on a Friday and often it was just two of us. In September 2015, Gary and I started riding the Port Credit Route regularly on Fridays with a very civilized start time of 6:15 but still no stop at San Remo’s. Back then, we respected our bodies.

Then, on July 15, 2016, we made our first stop at San Remo Bakery. Brian, Chris, Ian G, and Manny joined us. Still calling it Streetsville loop as were seriously focused on cycling.
September 16, 2016, we were all still calling it Streetsville loop, but the term Fritter started making its way into ride titles. It was becoming clear that the Fritters were making a serious impression on us — twelve riders were now getting up to make the pilgrimage. Speeds were increasing. Brian would talk about fritters for the entire ride.

September 23, 2016, Gary was the only one to name his Ride ECC Fritter Friday. Brian was also close with “ECC Fritter Friday Morning Ride”. Bjug also used the term Fritter Friday, but with a long description about being dropped and blaming the fritters. Fritter photos are becoming commonplace.

September 30, 2016, Chris named his ride “Fritter Friday, sans Fritters”. Kevin called it ECC Streetsville Fritter Friday”. The term was beginning to make its way into common usage, but still not iconic as most are still using the term Streetsville except for Dean who was attempting to hijack the brand and call it “Fritter Run” — a term that would never catch on.

October 7, 2017. Fritter Friday now appears in almost everyone’s ride name except for Dean who is now trying “Fritter Frivolity. Paul is still stuck with Streetsville and Joe prefers “Morning Ride”.

I cannot tell you who it was that first uttered the words “Fritter Friday” during the ride but based on this, I would have to give credit to Gary for being the first to use the term in its purest form as a ride title.

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