Here’s a fairly quick way to do it (you’ll need a newer generation Connect IQ compatible Garmin):
1. Stop/Save recording if you’re recording an activity temporarily.
2. Open Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone.
3. Install the Strava Routes app. Go to the Connect IQ store, search for Strava and tap to download/install the app. Be sure to select your Garmin.
4. On your phone, using your email or web browser, open the Strava route you wish to load. For me, I simply tapped the link to the route Chris sent me yesterday: The Coffee Chase To Streetsville that was in my email.
5. Make the Strava route a favourite, i.e. click on the star.
6. Back on your Garmin, run the Strava Routes app.
7. Log in to your Strava account on your mobile by tapping the notification (the only tricky bit here) and tap Authorize. Only need to do this once.
8. You will then get a screen with all the routes on your phone including the one you just favourited. Tap and navigate.
9. The rest is standard Garmin navigation stuff.

Once you’ve done this once, the next time will be 10x faster. Just favourite the route and run the Strava Routes app. It will then show up.

Until next time…

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