Up and on the bus by 7:30 we headed north to Chartres for the finish of the Time Trial. Seven hours of bus time was not pleasant. But we all survived and stumbled into the finish zone to watch Bradley Wiggins take the victory and secure the overall Tour win. The Time Trial is a strange combination of exciting and boring all at once. It’s exciting as this is the final stage for anyone to make a move and effect their position in the General Classification. Boring because a rider comes by roughly once every three minutes at approximately 50 km/h. Like every other stage of Le Tour this one is much better on TV.

Back on the bus for the final drive into Paris. Saturday evening traffic, during Le Tour, is hell.

We eventually arrived at our hotel, checked in and headed out for a great dinner at Chez Georges. With our tummies full we’re turning in for the night. It’s 1:27am and I’m spent. I’ll add photos to the last few posts tomorrow. It’s been fun but we’re both ready to be home.

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