Our flight leaves at 11 and we’ve been told that the trip to the airport by cab, bus or train takes at least 45 minutes – longer if traffic is bad. With this in mind we got up early and headed out to catch an 18 Euro shuttle at 7am. With three of us all headed to the airport together we decided to take a cab – should be faster than the shuttle and likely save us a few bucks. Wrong. We asked the bellman to call us a taxi van to accommodate our bikes. He said, “Oui monsieur. Quinze minutes.” Great – 15 minutes and we’ll be on our way.



On the flight back to Toronto Steve continued his spilling ways by toppling over his Grand Marnier. Again he blamed the table. I think we can all safely say that the issue is Steve, not the tables.

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2 thoughts on “ECC Tour De France: Day 10

  1. Just finished reading your journal Chris. I really enjoyed it. It must have been very exciting. Thanks for going to the effort, it told a wonderful story of your journey. The pics were excellent. You got soo close to Cav! (did you ck out his gluts? I bet you did!) I was thinking about you two while watching the race, didn’t see you in the crowd tho.

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