*The photo is of a wicked bike designed by olli erkkila.

Pub Night = awesome

Thanks to all the ECC members who made it out to Pub Night. It’s great to see folks off their bikes and in street clothes. Many double- and triple-takes were needed to recognize some of our members resulting in many laughs. Good friends, good food and cold drinks made for a great evening.

Cycling Caps!

We’re compiling an order of custom cycling caps. Please reply if you want one. The design is in the works but will complement our jerseys. The cost will be $25 or less. The more we order the lower the unit cost gets. These are high-quality, moisture-wicking, cycling specific caps. Timing is 10 days to 6 weeks depending on our final order quantity, style and design.

Tour De France – Fantasy League

Any interst in a TDF Fantasy League? The race starts on Saturday so we’ll have to get it set up right away. Please reply to confirm your interest. This is a free event just for fun.

Upcoming Events

  • September 14 – 16: Centurion Canada in Collingwood. Please take a look at the site and reply if you are interested in participating. At Pub Night half a dozen riders “committed” to participating. As well there are a number of riders from our IMAX Ride To Conquer Cancer team who interested. We will look into registering as a team, and arranging lodging (cost to be determined) but need to know how many riders are interested. The registration fee increases on July 15 so now is the time to decide.
  • June 2, 2013: Ride For Heart. We’ve formed an ECC team. Be sure to join us!
  • June 8-9, 2013: Ride To Conquer Cancer. We’ve formed an ECC team. Be sure to join us!

The week ahead

Most weekdays at 6:00am there is a group ride around the ECC North Loop starting at 6am from Kingsway and Twyford. To confirm that there will be a ride simply reply to this email stating what day(s) you want to ride.

It’s the Canada Day long-weekend commemorating Canada’s 145th birthday! What a great reason to go for a ride!! On Saturday we’ll leave from Lakeshore & Royal York at 6:40am and head to Humbertown for 7am. From there we’ll head out to the airport before cutting back through Mississauga for a 50k – 80k route (depending on how the group is feeling). On Sunday we need a ride leader – unless folks want to go for a spin at 5:45am from Royal York & Lakeshore (back by 7:30am). On Monday we’ll do a fun spin through the city hitting some of the “famous” climbs of the Don Valley before cutting back across town along Davenport. Meet on the bridge at Palace Pier at 1:30pm. The ride should take roughly 2.5 hours – or less if we skip some of the hills, or push the pace.

Safety Tips

When riding our bikes we must obey all City of Toronto Bylaws and abide by the Highway Traffic Act. A law that many/most of us ignore is that of a working bell or horn. The decision to ignore this law could land you an $85 fine. Also be sure that if you’re riding within 30 minutes of sunrise or sunset that you have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light at the rear.

Click here for a brief summary from the MTO
 of some bike specific laws.