After a fun couple of days in Jausiers it is time to leave and move to Les Deux Alpes. The trip is roughly two hours of winding mountain roads. Still worried about getting car sick I sat in the front seat. It helped, but it didn’t eliminate it completely. I guess this is the new normal for me post-concussion.

Our ride today was an “easy” one with only one Cat3 climb. In the blazing sun. Without any wind. And barely any shade. Wow. It was a hot one. But the descent more than made up for it with stunning views and vistas at every turn. And there were A LOT of turns.


 At the bottom of the valley is Bourg d’Oisans. A great town that really comes alive for Le Tour. It is at the base of Alpe d’Huez; the holy grail of cycling climbs.

We stopped for lunch on a nice patio in the shadow of the Alpe… And talked about it, and how we were going to conquer it in the morning. Oh yeah!

A few brave souls decided to ride from lunch back to the hotel in Les Deux Alpes.  It’s a very challenging climb up to the village and as I was already toasted from the last three days I opted for the van. Happy me. 

We watched the final 50km of today’s stage in a TV in the hotel bar before heading out on our own to explore. 

Dinner was a group event at the hotel restaurant, filled with great food, nice wines and lots of laughs. So much so that we were piloted asked to leave as they were trying to close up for the night! We’ve got a great group on this adventure. 

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