I’m not a fan of our mayor Rob Ford. In particular his cancelling of bike lanes. That said if he’s able to establish a network of cycling paths the connect the city similar to the network we rode today I’ll be a happy cyclist. But I still won’t vote for him.

Six riders braved a gloomy, foggy Saturday morning to tackle the route. Two Chris’, two Mike’s, Paul and Debbie. Our route took us north on Royal York to Weston, and then we were into the trail system of the Humber River. And what a great trail system it is! Kilometre after kilometre of uninterrupted cycling criss-crossing the Humber many times before exiting at Thistletown Regional Centre (a children’s mental health centre). From there we stuck to the side streets before hitting Martin Grove for a final “climb” up to Steeles and a quick downhill, downwind sprint to Milan.

At Milan we chatted,  used the facilities and regrouped for the return journey. The return route traced the park to Weston and then continued along the shores of the river before hitting the climbs on Scarlett and St. Mark’s. By this point the day was getting a bit long and we headed for the lake, skipping Baby Point, Alpe d’Humber and any other hill we normally seek out.

The final stretch from the lake to San Remo was uneventful but filled with a little extra zing as we were all anxious to get off our bikes and relax. Once we got to San Remo an espresso hit the spot before we all went our separate ways.

Thanks to all who participated – I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next Etobicoke Cycling event.