The professional road cycling season has come to an end. Joaquin “Purito” Rodriguez won the 2013 UCI WorldTour. It was a terrific pro season for fans – watching Purito work hard throughout the season accruing points at every opportunity – animating races and making it exciting to watch. The 2014 UCI World Tour kicks off in January with the Tour Down Under starting on January 21. The dude who runs Inner Ring has put together a great calendar that lists all of the World Tour events along with the other pro races. Check it out here, and spend some time on his site as his commentary and in-depth analysis of all things pro cycling is amazing.Winter Riding

If you are brave/hearty/daring/smart/silly enough to want to keep riding through the fall and winter please reply to this email and we’ll put you on the winter list. There are a number of club riders who will ride through the winter as long as the roads are safe for riding. It’s just like riding in the summer; only colder!

This Week’s Ride Schedule

Saturday: Nothing planned. And it looks like it’s going to rain.Sunday: Meet 8:30am at San Remo for a final Tour d’Etobicoke. We’ll aim to get to Birds and Beans by 10:30 for a post-ride coffee.
NOTE: You must be a club member to participate in club rides. At the beginning of all rides the ride leader will check that all riders are club members. Non-members will not be allowed to participate unless they provide a signed waiver (click here to download a copy) and pay the $5 non-member ride fee. This money goes to the OCA – it is not revenue for the club.