Today was scheduled to be an easy day – just a couple of hours on the bike, a chance to get out and spin the legs in recovery mode after yesterday, and in preparatory mode for tomorrow. Unfortunately for me Leah and Norah were under the weather which kept me off the bike and in the role of Dad. Most of the kids at the hotel all have the same cough and cold. Norah’s has kept her up most nights, meaning that Leah has been up. The sleepless nights coupled with the cold and/or flu that’s going around finally caught up to her and Leah was out for the count. She spent most of the day sleeping. Ewan, Norah and I played in the pool for four hours before coming in for lunch and to check on Leah.

As well Norah is teething. And she’s not a happy camper. This along with the endless flow of slime from her nose, and phlegmy cough made for a challenging day.

The riders took it easy as planned, and were all back before noon having left at 9:30.