Please watch your inbox for the 2012 Etobicoke Cycling Club jersey order form. Once our OCA affiliation comes through you’ll be able to wear this jersey at all OCA race events, and list ECC as your team on your race registration form.

Unfortunately we won’t have the jerseys in time for those of us participating in Hell/Heck of the North, Paris to Ancaster, or any of the other early season events. But we should have them before Ride for Heart and the Ride To Conquer Cancer. (Speaking of which we are still looking for donations to our team riders.)

If enough folks are interested we’ll also order bib shorts. Please keep that in mind when deciding how many jerseys you want.

From a thread of carbon to a full bike, what sets TIME apart from the competition is the way the bikes are manufactured. They are handmade in France, using the state of the art RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process.

The vast array of tire widths available can be confusing. Here are some general guidelines:

– Ideal for triathlons and time-trials

– General road racing

23mm – 32mm
– Training and general daily riding

If you have the luxury of changing tires based on weather conditions a thinner tire at regular pressure is best for dry roads. If it’s wet out go with a wider tire at a slightly lower pressure.

The same guideline applies for smooth roads vs rough roads. Smooth roads = thinner tire and higher pressure. Rough roads = wider tire and lower pressure.

It happens to me almost daily. I’d rather be riding than sitting at my desk. The folks at Kickstand Furniture Limited also faced this dilemma but decided to do something about it. Now they’re pedalling and working. Click the logo below to learn more…
Kickstand Furniture LTD

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