Tour d’ecc 2020.

Wow. That’s really all we need to say about the inaugural Tour d’ECC. But we’ll say a bit more. And we’ll share some of the things that the participants had to say.

That was an amazing month of riding. And the competition was fierce, being literally decided on the last day with the bonus points being the difference. Congratulations Impending Quinoas on riding a superb Tour. Psionic Blasters gave it their all, as did all of the riders on all of the teams, but having all four team members finish all 15 stages, and two of them doing it in sequence, you were just too good. We hope to have all four of you back in the Spring for our ECC Spring Classics challenge.

During the Tour, ECC riders completed more than 27,000 kilometres of in-stage riding. When we add on the extra distance to the start and home from the finish it’s safe to say we passed the 30,000 mark. That means each rider averaged about 600 km this month – WAY TO GO FOLKS! That’s amazing.


final 2020 tour d’ecc standingS

What The Riders Said

That was a fantastic idea, Chris. And you put it together beautifully.  It gave people an excuse to go out on ECC rides in small groups, relatively safely. Your website was engaging and informative.  As an added bonus I met a few new people I didn’t know before!

Grande Kudos pour vous!


Frustrating at times, but overall so much fun, and so much riding. It was great. 



Thanks again Chris it was wicked fun doing this!

Look forward to the Spring Challenge!!!



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