Throughout the season we will share tips, tricks, techniques, skills, etc, that form a collection of Best Practices for riding. We’ve got a wide range of cyclists in the club so let’s share some of the knowledge and help everyone become a better cyclist. Surprisingly (or not) an awful lot of being a good cyclist is about the things unrelated to actually riding your bike.

Pre-ride To-Do List
What’s on your Pre-ride To-Do List? If you’re like many riders you don’t have one. And that’s OK but if you want to take your cycling to the next level you need to make plans to be successful. Learn the route, figure out how much food and water you need for the ride, establish some goals for the ride – speed, feeling, sprints you want to win, etc. Visualize how it’s all going to happen. Review your checklist of things you need in your pockets and saddlebag to make sure you’re all set. Do you pre-ride bike check and then hit the road. Get to the meeting point early. If you’re not early, you’re late.

Post-ride stretching
Allocate 15 minutes after your ride for stretching. You can do most of these while holding your phone in your hand and updating Strava! The repetitive motion of cycling can cause all sorts of issues in your body, and an easy way to counteract much of that is through stretching. Do these simple stretches as soon as you get home, still in your cycling gear, while your muscles are still warm from the ride. (

Clean Your Bike
Do this regularly. And take the this time to inspect your bike frame for chips, cracks, and other issues. A sponge, rag, etc – your hose and some soap is all you need.