After more than 14 hours of travel we arrived in paradise. Our plane from Vancouver to Maui was brand new which meant it didn’t have in-seat entertainment. According to the in-flight attendants that is an after-market option!! Luckily West Jet had tablets to rent for $5 – loaded with a dozen movies and a bunch of TV shows. How did people travel before this kind of technology. What did people do to survive really long flights?

Back on topic – we were met at the airport by a couple members of the camp crew – Cody & Seamus. It was a great site to see familiar faces after our day of travel.

With our gear loaded up we made the 20 minute drive to the beautiful Four Seasons Wailea. This is a hotel that knows how to make you feel good.

As our internal clocks are set to 4:30am it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is a family day – celebrating Thanksgiving US-style!