Hello riders,

I hope that many of you were able to get out and ride this past weekend, I did and it was wonderful! Looking forward does anyone have any riding plans this week, or this weekend?

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, and more importantly in the cycling world, it’s Milan-San Remo! The Sprinters Classic! A one-day race from Milan to San Remo, Italy. For those not familiar with the race it’s long. Really long. The longest professional one day race clocking in at just shy of 300km!!! Yikes.

In honour of this classic race I was thinking we could do our own Milan – San Remo ride. Sort of.

We’ll depart at 9am from San Remo (Bakery at 374 Royal York Road) and head north to Milan (Wineries at 6811 Steeles Avenue West). It’s roughly 25k to get there, and then we can do the return (which is mostly downhill) and finish at San Remo for a coffee, cake, etc.

Who’s with me?

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