My 6:30 flight was cancelled and I was rebooked on the 9:25 flight. This meant I would miss my connection in Paris to Lyon. Air France took care of that and booked me on a later connection. Although everything was resolved it’s not the way I wanted the trip to start. 

My anxiety about the trip was already high enough!

Once at the airport it was a seven minute journey from the self-check-in to the Air France Lounge. Wow. Super easy tonight. Dinner, a couple of beers, and I passed the two and a half hours watching planes and people.

When it comes time for boarding chaos breaks out. Scheduled to start at 8:20 the gate agents announce that they will start boarding only when the line-up area is clear. No one understands and the line grows. Several announcements and 45 minutes later boarding begins. It’s ridiculous how rude most passengers are to one another and the staff. And how airlines have created this culture by charging so much for checked baggage. No one wants to check anything so they try to being more than they are allowed on the planes. Yikes!

At 10pm we finally pushed back and my flight to France began. 

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