Goodman Halioua

The 2021 Tour d’ecc presented by Goodman Halioua is here!

Over 870 kilometers, 4,288 metres of climbing, 15 stages over 31 days

the goal

Have fun, ride your bike, see some parts of the city you may not have seen before, learn the ECC routes.


Ride & Record

Ride the “stages” in any order that you want, record each one, post to Strava, and then send the link to your ride to with the subject as “Stage # – ???? Team” where # is replaced with the stage number, and ???? is replaced with your team name. Nothing more, nothing less, or else they will be automatically deleted.


Fun wins, not speed

Speed is not a factor in the overall standings – it’s about completion. And fun!!


Get Moving

Fifteen stages seem easy, but with just 31 days in August that means riding every other day – ALL MONTH LONG.


For The Win!

Points are awarded per stage completed, per rider, and per team. And there are bonus points for doing the stages in order. And if all riders complete a stage, and for all kinds of other things.

The team with the most points wins.

THE teams

Sunshine Inventory

Neale Hunt, Adam Lippert, David Handsor, Joe Accardi

Deception of the Garbanzo

Thomas Jakubowski, Robert Burke, Massimo Addeo, Matt Thwaites

Scrawny Crossroad And The Chatter

Dean Wright, John Buffone, Gary Moss, Jeff Jackson

Crazy Dogs Dream

Dario Carpino, Francesco Castagna, Mark Look Yan, Adam Templeton

The Bedside TRAVESTY

Rob Fraser, Jeremy Nokes, David Andrade, David Baines

Dutch Reflectors

Craig Parker, Scott Moore, Ryan Heath, Steve Baumgartner


Damned Jubilees

Joana Oliveira, Chris Kirkpatrick, James Bradshaw, Bjug Borgundvaag

Ceremony of Suspense

Matt Nowak, Mark Fazio, Albert Wong, Kevin Stafford

Beyond Fish

Will Shubat, Andrew Hopper, Trish Boyle, Rob Mason

Noon Between Chevrons

Greg Pickios, Kelly Greene, Stephen Harmelink, Jay Brown

Agression Depressive

Sebastien Le Calvez, Katie Gruetzner, Chris Miall, Brian Ahrens

Feverish Explosives

John Strevel, Sebastian Van Niekerk, Michael Graaf, Lenore Eng

Fractional Clandestine

John Hibberd, Alexandre Boisseau, Niall Filewod, Grant McAlpine

Beef Of The Rose

Alex Cain, Bois Wilson, Mark Arcieri, Mark Boyle

THE Stages



Explorer Of The Century (100 km or 100 miles)

Do this stage on August 28 for maximum points, and maximum fun!



Details to come

If two or more teams are tied at the end of August we will offer a tiebreaker stage to be contested on the Labour Day weekend.