ECCRoad riding is our primary focus but we’ve been known to ride our cyclocross and mountain bikes too! We’re all busy folks and as such our rides rarely last more than a couple of hours. And we always try to fit in a stop at a local coffee shop before we go our separate ways. Although there are some of us who like to ride hard and fast, and others who take it a bit more leisurely, we have a strictly enforced no-drop policy on our Social Rides™ & Coffee Rides™. No one gets left behind. Whether you’re a first time rider, or a seasoned veteran we’d love to have you ride with us. (We do have Hard Rides™ which is every rider for themselves, although we try to stick together…)

Our goal is simple – have fun riding our bikes while improving our fitness and creating a community of riders in Etobicoke.

We ride all year round as long as the roads are safe for riding.

We’re not a race team although we’re always up for a challenge – within the group or while participating in regional charity rides.

Through the week we ride most days starting at 5:30am and returning by 7am; our weekend schedule changes weekly but we usually have a ride both days.

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