Carbo Unloading: The process of unloading the “carbs” from the previous night as exhibited by Mike Domazet. Oysters, Scotch, Steak and more, all go unloaded in a parking lot on Martin Grove.
Coined by Bjug Borgundvaag on Milan-Sanremo 2014 (TBC)

Power To Overweight Ratio: A factor used to explain why riding up a hill is harder for a bigger rider.
Coined by Steve Baumgartner

Fritter Friday: The ride of the week that involves the best of cycling – friends, fitness, coffee, and fritters. More…

Libido Suppressor: Chris was recounting a story about listening to Lance Armstrong’s podcast “The Move” during a cruise in 2017. A listener emailed the show to tell them that he and his wife liked to have sex while listening to the podcast. Chris mentioned that he and his wife listened to the podcast at night but since they were in a cruise ship room with their two kids there was no sex happening. Yuri replied that unlike the other guy, the podcast was a “libido suppressor” for them.
Alt def: A Latin term for a medical condition that has something to do with the tongue.
Coined by “Yuri Rayzberg” on July 10, 2019

WifeTrack. noun. A term that more accurately describes the function of the Garmin Connect LiveTrack feature.
Coined by Doug Farrand.